ANNOUNCE: GnomePython 2.6.0

  GnomePython 2.6.0 has just been released.  I offers convenient
wrappers for most APIs in GNOME 2.6 platform, including the follwing
	gnome, gnome.ui, gnome.canvas, gnome.vfs
	bonobo, bonobo.activation, bonobo.ui
	gnomeprint, gnomeprint.ui

  The source tarball can be found here:

  Please file bug reports here:

Overview of Changes from gnome-python 2.5.90 to gnome-python 2.6.0
* bonobo
 - bonobo.AppClient is only a GObject, not a BonoboObject (Gustavo)
 - bonobo.event_source_client_add_listener now returns the new listener,
to allow future disconnection (Gustavo)
 - Remove CORBA exceptions from all bonobo callbacks (Gustavo)
 - Fix a bug in bonobo.generic_factory_main (Gustavo)
* gnomeprint
 - Add new pango/gnomeprint integration API if libgnomeprint 2.8 is
installed (Gustavo)
* vfs
 - Add missing bytes_requested parameter to read/write callbacks of
async operations (Gustavo)
 - Raise exception when trying to subclass vfs types (Gustavo, James)
* applet
 - Workaround problem in PanelApplet constructor (Gustavo)
 - Fix initialization of bonobo (Gustavo)
* general
 - Mixed 32/64 bit architecture installation fixes (Jonathan Blandford)
 - Add gnome_python_version variable to the gnome module (Gustavo)
 - Resolve all known compiler warnings (Gustavo)

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
<gjc inescporto pt> <gustavo users sourceforge net>
The universe is always one step beyond logic

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