gedit 2.9.2

gedit 2.9.2

gedit 2.9.2, the second release of the 2.10 devel cycle, is out for your
testing pleasure.

gedit is the official text editor for the GNOME environment.
Among others, it features full UTF-8 support, syntax highlighting and a
powerful plugin system.




- bump gtksourceview requirement to 1.1
- improve default language detection for the spell plugin (Paolo Maggi)
- plug some memory leaks (Paolo Borelli)
- fix a bug and a critical warning when adding an encoding (Loïc Minier)
- listen to max-recents changes in gconf (Paolo Borelli)
- open new files specified on the command line in the proper order. (Paolo Borelli)
- Move to the new gtk api (about dialog, alerts etc) (Paolo Borelli)
- Fix a crash loading remote files (Paolo Maggi)
- Improve file naming in the window title (Paolo Maggi)
  * modified documents are prefixed with a "*"
  * the title of the window now has the format "filename (directory) - gedit"
- Use Pango fonts when printing	(Owen Taylor)
- Check if the metadata file exists before trying to parse it (Marco Pesenti Gritti)
- Misc code cleanups (Paolo Borelli)

New and updated translations
- Kjartan Maraas (nb)
- Martin Willemoes Hansen (da)
- David Lodge (en_GB)                                                            
- Meelad Zakaria (fa)
- Vladimir Petkov (bg)
- Laurent Dhima (sq)
- Takeshi AIHANA (ja)

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