Seahorse 0.7.5

A million bug fixes.

* About Seahorse:

Seahorse is a GNOME application for managing PGP keys. It also integrates with nautilus, gedit and other places for encryption, decryption and other operations. Seahorse is based on GPG and GPGME.

* Changes between 0.7.4 and 0.7.5:

    * Loading large key rings is now many orders of magnitude faster
    * A simple panel with common tasks shows up in the key manager
      the first time a new user starts [Adam Schreiber]
    * Gnome HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) compliancy fixes
    * gedit plugin compiles with GNOME 2.8
    * gedit plugin now works on BSD [Julio M. Merino Vidal]
    * seahorse-agent now works properly on BSD [Julio M. Merino Vidal]
    * disable password caching prefs when using a different agent
    * seahorse-agent restores gpg.conf when exiting
    * seahorse-agent icon now shows properly in the notification area
    * Properly detect mlock for secure memory usage.
    * Fixed crash when changing expiry date on a subkey
    * Fixed crash when using 'Encrypt To Self' without a default key
    * Default key selection now works properly in edge cases.
    * Updated RPM spec file
    * A multitude of smaller bug fixes

Updated Translations:

    * Miloslav Trmac (cs)
    * Adam Weinberger (en_CA)
    * Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
    * Vincent van Adrighem (nl)
    * Raphael Higino (po_BR)


Source code:
[MD5 sum: f90a334d3fdecd7112f8aece586ca63d]

Seahorse 0.7.5 requires GPGME 1.0 or later:


    * The website and other online resources haven't been updated to
      reflect the new release. This will occur shortly.
    * Bug reports are appreciated should be filed in the GNOME Bugzilla.

Nate Nielsen

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