ANNOUNCE: Glade-- 2.5.0

since the gnome software map seems inaccessible I try to get this out by hand.

Most important is the fix for working with autoconf 2.5x


Glade-- 2.5.0


Glade-- aka glademm is the backend to generate static (no runtime dependancy on the glade file) Gtkmm (C++) code from a glade (UI definition) file.


- initial gtkmm 2.4 work (still under construction)
- support CAN_DEFAULT/HAS_DEFAULT (Howdy Pierce)
- some error checking for embedded images
- try to determine automake/autoconf postfix for newer autoconf setups
- default to all widgets visible if all are private !!!
(beginners' #1 error) and tell the users about this in the headers (which they tend to read before any documentation ...)


- fixed nasty autoconf bug (missing closing bracket on autoconf2.50+)
- gnome1 fixes for button (stock_pixmap)


GNOME Software Map entry

seems inaccessible at the moment ...

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