ANNOUNCE: gnome-gcj 0.18.0 released


  the Gnome-GCJ project proudly announces the release of version 0.17.0
of the alternative set of Java bindings for GNOME. It's available for
download via SourceForge.



What is Gnome-GCJ
  Gnome-GCJ is a set of GNOME bindings for the Java language. It uses
the gcj java compiler from the gcc project to create native binaries
using the Cygnus Native Interface (CNI). We sacrificed support for Java
VMs to support more classical development of GNOME applications using
the GNU autotools.

What's new in 0.18.0
  Gnome-GCJ 0.18.0 introduces a small demo application (to become
extended) and both wrappers for libglade and gsf.

Where's more information on it
  Visit the Gnome-GCJ website to get more


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