Announcing the GNOME 2.6.0 Desktop & Developer Platform


            The GNOME 2.6.0 Desktop and Developer Platform

In a release that marks the fruit of six months of hard work from our
hackers, maintainers, translators, testers, usability team and
accessibility team, the GNOME community has done it again: GNOME 2.6.0
continues the high standards in the areas of usability, accessibility
and internationalisation that our users expect from the world's Free
Software desktop.

This release cycle has been a painful one. During it the GNOME community
lost three close members: Chema Celorio, Mark Finlay and Ettore
Perazzoli were valued members of the community and will be sorely
missed. It is fitting, therefore, that this release is dedicated to
their memories.

Extensive information about GNOME 2.6 is in our release notes, linked
from the 2.6 start page. There's also a huge gallery of cool screenshots
from our intrepid beta-testers!

Our time-based release philosophy means there's never long before a new
major release. The GNOME development team has already started working on
GNOME 2.8, which will be seeing the light of day in only six months
time. We are looking forward to bringing our users new and exciting
developments then...

- The GNOME Release Team

            GNOME 2.6:
        Release notes:
            GNOME FTP:

       "We must be proactive, eternally vigilant, forever fighting,
            overwhelmingly clever and handsome." -- Robert Love

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