libgsf 1.10.0

GNOME Structured File library 1.10.0

What is it?

The GNOME Structured File Library's goal is to provide a simple I/O library
that can read and write common file types and that handles structured
formats that provide file-system-in-a-file semantics (e.g. OLE2 and zip).
Additionally it contains utility functions for document centric

Who uses it?

GSF is used by a number of GNOME applications and libraries, including
abiword, gnumeric, planner, wpd2sxw, librsvg2, libwpd, and wv2.

What is new in this release?

This release brings OLE2 bugfixes (including the handling of OLE2 generated
by planmaker), as well as portability fixes, primarily for the ARM
architecture. The API has changed somewhat, in particular the signatures of
the return values of various *_new funcions.
What is this talk of software 'releases'? Klingons do not 'release'
software; our software ESCAPES, leaving a bloody trail of designers and
quality assurance people in its wake!

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