ANNOUNCE: Coriander 1.0.0-pre1


Coriander 1.0.0-pre1


Coriander is a full-featured GUI for IIDC compliant, IEEE1394 Digital

- more accurate way to get the bandwidth usage in case of format7
- camera port is shown next to camera handle
- passwords are no longer stored
- inline format7 tab generation
- added a service report to detect frame dropping
- new logo
- icons are now exported to the WM
- add a 50ms pause in the ISO start/stop callbacks, following the
  suggestion of Matt Scott.
- added an X check for the maximum overlay size


- fixed configure scripts, at last.
- update error message for
- removed obsolete format7 info (duplicate in the camera struct)
- fixed format7 unit position
- fixed versioning issues in format7 registers
- removed handleboxes due to bad behaviour
- bus resets are now detected on all ports
- fixed cameras that showed up twice when using strange bus topologies
- limit the display sizes when using > or <


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