ANNOUNCE: Muine 0.3.0


Muine 0.3.0


Muine is a new music player using some new UI ideas. The idea is that it
will be much easier and comfortable to use than the iTunes model, which is
used by both Rhythmbox and Jamboree. It is written in C and C#, using
GStreamer for music playback.


- Automatically fetch missing album cover images from
- Multimedia key support
- Tray icon shows playback status
- Use replay gain information from Ogg Vorbis files
- Use performer tags to display performer information when available
- Check imported folders for changes on startup
- Clicking an M3U file in Nautilus will load it into Muine
- Various interface enhancements


- Support multiple albums with the same name
- Various other bugfixes


GNOME Software Map entry

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