ANNOUNCE: GNOME Platform Bindings 2.5.3

*** GNOME Platform Bindings

Here is another scheduled release of the GNOME Platform Bindings, 
which provide a GNOME development platform for programming languages 
other than C, in the style of those languages. This release set gives 
some bindings a schedule and rules to work within, so we can endorse 
those bindings. We very much hope that Linux distributions will 
therefore choose to distribute these bindings as a supported 
development platform.

For the GNOME 2.5/2.6 schedule, we have bindings for C++, Java, and Perl:

These bindings follow these rules:
and this schedule:

Note that those rules do not guarantee 100% API coverage, but they do 
guarantee API/ABI stability.

There are "Beta Bindings" for C#, which are likely to be on the full 
release schedule for GNOME 2.7/2.8. Note that other bindings exist: 
but they are not on this release schedule and they do not necessarily 
follow the same rules.

If you have questions about the GNOME Platform Bindings release set please 
send email to language-bindings gnome org  If you have questions about the 
individual bindings, please send email to their own mailing lists. You can 
find links to the individual projects here:

*** Download

You can download source tarballs from

*** Changes, for each binding:

** C++ (gtkmm):

glibmm 2.3.3:

* gmmproc (code generator)
  - properties: Make read-only properties have const accessors,
    and add a second read-only const accessor for normal
    properties. Wrap construct-only properties as read-only,
    instead of ignoring them.
  - vfuncs: Really generate const vfuncs when requested. Put
    the method declaration directly into the .h file, so that
    the doxygen documentation can be next to it.
  - documentation:
    - Remove mergecdocs configure option - always
    merge the C docs, to avoid any risk of uploading or
    releasing empty documentation. Just delete the *_docs.xml
    files to make building from cvs faster.
    - Install a GLIBMM_CHECK_PERL() macro, for use by gtkmm
    and other *mm projects, to get the perl path needed by
    - Install so it can be reused in gtkmm
    and other *mm projects, instead of having lots of copies.
* Glib::ObjectBase: The default constructor, never before used,
  now generates a custom GType, for use when creating new
  implementations of Glib::Interfaces - for instance, see the
  new custom tree model example in gtkmm.
* Glib::Date: Added clamp_min() and clamp_max().
  (Murray Cumming)

* Documentation:
  - Added reference documentation for MainLoop, MainContext, 
    Source, and Date. (Alberto Paro)

gtkmm 2.3.2:

* Gtk:
  * AccelMap: Added lock_path() and unlock_path().
  * Button: Added get/set_alignment().
  * CellLayout: Added reorder().
  * Clipboard: Added wait_for_targets(), and a simpler request_targets().
  * MenuShell: Added cancel().
  * ListStore, TreeStore: Added set_model_columns() for use by derived
  * TreeModel: vfuncs now use C++ types, and are documented.
  * TreeModelFilter: Wrapped set_modify_func().
  * Window: Added get_group() and set_accept_focus().

* Gdk:
  * Colormap: Added get_system().
  * Device: Added get_name(), get_source(), get_mode() and get_has_cursor() 
  * Display: Added set_double_click_distance() and get_default_group().
  * DragContext: Added get_targets().
  * Added rgb_*() methods.

* Pango:
  * LayoutLine: Added get_length(), get_start_index(), and get_layout().
* Atk:
  * Added Document, Hyperlink, Hypertext, and StreamableContent classes.

* Portability:
  * Atk::Text build fix for Intel compiler. (Takashi Takekawa)

* Documentation:
  * devhelp file now installs correctly, with working hyperlinks.
  * Documented Gtk::AccelMap methods.
  * Documented Atk classes.
  * TreeView, TextView, and associated classes are almost fully documented.
  (Murray Cumming)

* Also:
  - build fix. (Billy O'Connor)
  - spec file fix. (Eric Bourque)

** Java (java-gnome):

- Known Issues
        ActionGroup.addRadioActions causes application to crash.
- New Classes:  
        FontButton  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        FontButtonEvent  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        ToolItem [Jeffrey Morgan, Luca De Rugeriis]
        ToolBarEvent  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        ActionEntry  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        ToggleAction  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        ToggleActionEntry  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        RadioAction [Jeffrey Morgan]
        RadioActionEntry [Jeffrey Morgan]
        DataBlockStockItem [Mark Howard]
        DataBlockIconSize [Mark Howard]
- New Interfaces:
        FontButtonListener  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        ToolBarListener  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        ActionEntryListener  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        ToggleActionEntryListener  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        RadioActionEntryListener  [Jeffrey Morgan]
- Updated Classes
        Action - Added public interface & docs [Luca De Rugeriis]
        ActionGroup - Added public interface   [Jeffrey Morgan]
        Alignment - Added setPadding method. [Mark Howard]
        BindingSet - Amended activateBinding methods to use gdk KeySymbol
[Luca De Rugeriis] 
        Expander - Added public interface & docs [Luca De Rugeriis]
        GtkTextView get/set acceptsTab/overwrite (public API & docs) [Mark
        TextBuffer selectRange (public API & docs) [Mark Howard]
        ToolBar - Deprecated 8 methods and added 9 new methods and proper
event handling.  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        ConfClient - Cleaned up JNI code [Joe Marcus Clarke]
        UIManager - Added public interface  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        ListStore, TreeStore - Added setValue methods for new DataBlock
- Deprecated Classes/Interfaces:
        FontPicker  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        FontPickerEvent  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        FontPickerListener  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        ToolBarChildType  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        ToolBarSpaceStyle  [Jeffrey Morgan]
        OptionMenu  [Mark Howard]
        ItemFactory  [Mark Howard]
        ItemFactoryEntry  [Mark Howard]
- Fixed creation of symlinks in build scripts [Mark Howard]
- Fixed gconf tarball configure script [Mark Howard]
- Only include class files in Jar archive. [Mark Howard]

** Perl (gtk2-perl):

Various - see the annoucements on the list. No NEWS-style list is available
at this time.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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