BLAM! 0.9999 "Not Only An Application"

Good news all Blammers!

Today is a good day for all of you, what you have been feeling the last
couple of days is nothing to be ashamed of. Yeah I know, BLAM! is no
longer just an Application, it's becoming a Life Style!

OK, so what has happened since last release. First of all I've figured
out that you should probably get Sqlite >= 2.8 (I have 2.8.6), secondly
I've made it work with GTK 2.2.

I know a lot of you have always wanted to be like James "Snorp" Willcox,
well you know what? NOW YOU CAN!!!!, just read on and I'll tell you

First I'm going to tell you a bit about how BLAM! has changed the lives
of some miserable creatures of the GNOME dungeons into persons with a
bright future:

Kjartan Maraas:
(who before BLAM took great please in maintaining really old software)

- "Blam turned my life into floating in a pink bubble of foam"

Johan Dahlin:
(still next to homeless but at least he has gotten a haircut)

- "before BLAM! I used to be homeless and walking depressed around in
   the streets. When I found BLAM I got a job, married and happiness
   found a way into my life"

OK, and now to the person you have all been waiting for. How can you be
like Snorp? Of course, it's a given answer, just install and run BLAM!

So this is what Snorp has to say about BLAM!:

- "Before BLAM!, I was like a lost sheep in the GNOME world.  But after
   installing BLAM!, I know what everyone is doing, including the
   super-famous Robert Love!"

WHAT!?! Does he want to be like Robert Love? This is *INCREDIBLE*
(*BLAM!* *BLAM!*) (read that like Golum says *GOLUM* *GOLUM* in the
movies with a different name).

So, in the end of the story we are all converging into clones of Robert
Love. Well, all for the better I guess since he has been doing some cool
stuff lately.

So, if anyone is really interested in the changes in this release:

* Fixed sort order for items
* Support for images on channels
* Nicer output
* No longer require GTK 2.3, yeah this is one important thing!
  (still got the spinner though, hmm .. wonder how I can make the 
   spinner end up in all release notes)
* Fixed a couple of crashes
* Made it lots faster with many channels
* Managed to bump the database format two numbers (yeah, what do you 
  know, you care don't you?). Anyway, no need to worry, it *should* be
  handled automatically, *har har*
* Removed autoupdate after being banned from Slashdot :P (now I have to 
  wait 72 hours before trying to download there feed again) *sob* 72
  hours without filling my blam database with junk *sob*
* Application icon by Dan Taylor, new about image, desktop file and 
  other cool stuff to make a cool application even cooler.
* Don't download if server says it's not updated.

Download at:


Avast! ( a little preview? ) 

  Mikael Hallendal
Mikael Hallendal               micke imendio com
Imendio HB           
Phone: +46 (0)709 718 918

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