GGV 2.5.2

"Sancta Simplicitas", honoring the UI freeze, has come around...

novelties in the coding department:

* a bug in cursor caching code has been exterminated
* interfacing between the PostScript display component and GGV shell has
been made cleaner
* the shell deactivates the control frame before destroying the window
* visibility settings have been moved from top level popup menu	to a
* Removed from EXTRA_DIST. can't those intltool folks make
up their mind once and for all;)
* if a file that's being watched can't be reloaded once (because it was
halfway written by a tool like dvips), GGV now persists watching it and
attempts to load it again when the file changes. fixes #127214.
* simplified UI: no more Quit, only Close, removed New. inspired by a
suggestion and an initial patch by Mikael Brockman. fixes #130310.
* changed scrollbar step increment to equal the arrow keys' scrolling
increment. fixes #126639.
* the recent-files code has been updated via a merge with libegg and
made to use GtkIconTheme, the latter resulting in possible breaking of
the whole recent files icon stuff.
* added a mnemonic for fullscreen mode. fixes #119848.
* added X-GNOME-DocPath entry to ggv.desktop file - I suppose it can't
* fixed (hopefully) the RPM spec file. fixes #122003.

the local-patriotism section:

we have some new (Bangla) and updated translations: Portuguese (Duarte),
Bangla (Sayamindu), Mongolian (Sanlig), French (Christophe), Catalan
(Jordi), German (Christian), Italian (Francesco), Spanish (Francisco

available, as usual at:

have fun,


email: jaka gnu org

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