ANNOUNCE: gnome-games 2.5.4

This release of gnome-games has some significant changes and is also
probably quite buggy (but owrht it). Please read the warning at the
beginning of the release notes.

Also, I am going to be running away for a week and will be unable to do
significant work in the meantime. I expect plenty of bug reports when I
get back.

You can find this release at the usual place:

And the release notes follow.

 - Callum

gnome-games "Irregular Apocalypse" 2.5.4

WARNING: This release is particularly buggy. The most noticeable of
these bugs is that the new statistics dialog in Aisleriot reports
nonsense. This is for the very simple reason that I haven't actually
written the code to calculate the statistics. The dialog is there for
UI review.

Having said that there are many things to enjoy in this release:

Glines: The window is now fully resizeable and there are two new
vector-graphics themes (balls and shapes). Try balls with the window
maximized. The old ball.png theme has been removed on the grounds of
extreme ugliness.

Gnect: The author (Tim Musson) has done an almost complete rewrite of
the code. It is now prettier, smaller, and simpler.

Aisleriot: There is a statistics dialog that can be opened from the
games menu. It will ultimately contain simple statistics on the games
you have played. As I wrote above, it is not complete and is there
only to meet the UI freeze deadline. There is no code to produce the
statistics. The splash screen has been removed as well.

Gnometris: New default theme and background from Graeme Worthy.

Mahjongg: Clicking quickly works now.

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