ANNOUNCE: Anjuta 1.2.2 released

Anjuta version 1.2.2 has been released.


Anjuta is a versatile GNOME IDE for C and C++. Features include project
management, application wizards, an onboard interactive debugger, and a
powerful source editor with browsing and syntax highlighting. 

Home page:
This release includes:

    1) Source tarball
    2) Red Hat Linux 9.0 binary (and debuginfo)
    3) Fedora Core 1 binary (and debuginfo)
    4) Source RPM
    5) Documentation RPM package

Other distribution specific binary packages are likely to be released by
other vendors. Binaries should install fine without further

Release note:

Major bug fixes. Resolved many debugger, build, project, fonts, print
and wizard related critical bugs. Also added a new Anjuta advanced
tutorial in documentation.


New: Anjuta advanced tutorial
New: Goes to first error automatically (Default is off. need to enable
Bug fix: Use build.silent option from preferences (bug #895726)
Bug fix: Use font style defined for message indicators (bug #885032)
Bug fix: Set bold color as foreground color in terminal (bug #864924)
Bug fix: Removed 'cmp' dependency and used internal function to compare
Bug fix: Fixed return value when dest file could not be created.
Bug fix: Fixed a typo in Hello World indentation style.
Bug fix: Fixed misuse of translated strings when looking for style (bug
Bug fix: Save-all action now asks for filenames for new files (bug
Bug fix: Fixed a compiler warnings.
Bug fix: Disabled printing of long debug lines.
Bug fix: Close buttons on all dialogs (HIG) and ESC closes them (bug
Bug fix: Fixed a program execution crash bug.
Bug fix: Fixed Crash on Find & Replace (#887833)
Bug fix: Use defined file name when saving new files (fixes bug
Bug fix: Don't change filename when clicking on a directory.
Bug fix: Implemented keypress ctrl-c and ctrl-d for terminal (bug
Bug fix: Do not reload new files (bug #900897).
Bug fix: Disconnects menuitem signal properly (bug #901723).
Bug fix: Fixed bugs #890609 and #890609, #900903.
Bug fix: Fixed a typo in tutorial (bug #866143).
Bug fix: Reduced size of Search and Replace dialog (bug #902636).
Bug fix: Fixed a runtime warning (bug #900087).
Bug fix: Changed build shortcut to F11 (bug #877683).
Bug fix: Do not defualt to -k make option (bug #875486).
Bug fix: CFLAGS passed correctly (bug #816130, #801056, #782798,
Bug fix: Improved Search and Replace. Fixed crash bug.
Bug fix: Fixed bug #910097 (Insert comment).
Bug fix: Find-Usage rework (bug #890609).
Bug fix: Generated projects read m4 directory. Project generation works.
(bug #917781).
Bug fix: Fixed Find-Usage crash when no project open
Bug fix: Fixed bug #893400 ("Remove file" in project tree).
Bug fix: Aligned buttons in the New file dialog and HIG compliance.
Bug fix: Fixed to get correct child exit status using mask (bug
Bug fix: Goto the first error if it exists (bug #874380).
Bug fix: Save-all for 1 file opened (bug #912618).
Bug fix: Fixed conditional breakpoints.
Bug fix: Fixed debugger calltips displayed for wrong file.
Bug fix: Fixed delete breakpoints.
Bug fix: Fixed Breakpoint setting bugs (bug #895536).
Bug fix: Fixed a crash bug with debugger attach process dialog
Bug fix: Fixed freeze-ups during build terminations (bug #905738).
Bug fix: Fixed a memory corruption (bug #921893).
Bug fix: Open file starts in right directory (bug #908941).
Bug fix: Fixed another crash bug in Find-Usage.
Bug fix: Correctly prompts and reponds passwords (bug #894533).
Bug fix: Fixed 'remove' and 'clear' of Defines list in compiler options
(bug #883837).
Bug fix: Installs .glade file of libgllade projects (bug #861038).
Bug fix: Glade based projects can now find installed pixmaps (bug
Bug fix: Fixed ADA syntax highlighting (bug #923474).
Bug fix: Fixed HANGUP bug for long lines (bugs #700968 and #911376)

Happy coding!


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