ANNOUNCE: gdome2-0.8.0!

 Hello guys!

   The gdome2 release 0.8.0 codename "Bagheera" is out!!
* News

  + Refactured the event propagation mechanims: now it's faster and it
    implements better the DOM Level 2 specifications.
  + Added mechanism for filtering out event generation, on a per-event
    basis. This way, say you know you're going to build a document from
    scratch and are not interested in capturing events, you can disable
    all (or a subset) of them.
  + Refactered and improved the gdome2 garbage collection. The older
    mechanism for node gc was far more complicated than necessary. For
    this reason, the GC mechanism has been rewritten.
  + Many bugs related to APIs that manage namespaces has been fixed.
* Refactoring Results

  Just to give you an idea of the improvements we were able to achieve,
  with disabled events: creation of a large MathML document (288K of
  source XML) fell from more than 30 sec to 0.33 sec. With events
  enabled the time is 0.66 sec.
* Acknowledgments

  I am grateful for the support received from the members of the MoWGLI
  project (, who contributed extensively to
  the improvements of this release.
* Description:

  gdome2 is meant to be an easy to use, fast, light-weight DOM Level 2
  implementation library for the C programming language. It aims at
  standard compliance and it relies on libxml2.
  A DOM Implementation makes a XML or a HTML document available for
  processing and traversal of a XML document by means of a standard set
  of interfaces.
  Although gdome2 has been written as part of the GNOME project, it can
  be used stand-alone. One of its main strenghts is that wrappers for
  other programming languages can be easily written on top of it (and,
  for the most part, they can be generated automatically thanks to the
  uniformity of DOM interfaces) so to make it quickly available to a
  wide range of users. 

* Features

  - Supports the following DOM Level 2 modules:
    - "Core";
    - "XML";
    - "Events";
    - "MutationEvents".

  - Partially supports the following DOM Level 3 modules:
    - "XPath".
  - Exports an object oriented interface.
  - Provides a reference counting system that is responsible of all
    memory management issues.
* Resources

  The home page of the project is:
  The HTML Reference Manual with extensive API documentation is
  available here:
Paolo Casarini <paolo casarini org>

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