New Wallpaper Properties Dialog

I have just released the initial revision of the new wallpaper capplet
that I have been working on in my spare time, and has been under
discussion on gnome-themes-list. This initial release is quite
featureful, yet it is still missing the "random" feature that was in
my mock up, as well as some other features and functionality that are
outlined in the TODO file that is included in the tarball.

The main feature is the storage of meta-data and the list of available
wallpapers, in an XML file in ~/.gnome2/. For each individual image, the
filename, a descriptive name, image scaling type, background color type,
and background colors are all stored. There is no DTD yet, but one will
be written for the next release.

Also left to do, is to write the logic for detecting if the image is a
tile or should be scaled or what. It currently detects most tiled images
already though, on the basis of height vs. width. If they are the same,
Tiled is automatically selected.

I'm also proposing that we replace the current capplet(s) with this one
for GNOME 2.6.

Here are the relevant URLs:

-- dobey

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