GGV 2.5.0

GGV 2.5.0 "The PostScript Viewer Comes Around"

all fixed to work with your latest and greatest gnome 2.5.x libraries.
as probably nothing else will work anyway, this fine program will prove
the hacker's lifesaving device, reliably displaying your PostScript copy
of Hacking Gnome for Dummies anytime you feel the need to consult it!

since the branching the 2.4 off, GGV started using a combo box instead
of the deprecated option menu, Glynn Foster was kind enough to provide
us with a recent files menu popping down in the toolbar, fit-to-page
functions were fixed and toolbar style setting was removed.

naturally, all relevant fixes from the 2.4.x series have been backported
to the HEAD.

many translations were updated: sr (Danilo), fi (Artur), pl (Artur), sv
(Christian), no (Kjartan), cy (Dafydd), pt (Duarte), hi (Guntupalli), nl
(Tino) and az (Metin)

I need this! Where is it?

as usually, at:



email: jaka gnu org

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