ANNOUNCE: Meld meld-0.9.1


Meld meld-0.9.1


Meld is a GNOME 2 visual diff and merge tool. It 
integrates especially well with CVS. The diff viewer
lets you edit files in place and diffs update dynamically.


- i18n support working, french translation added. Thanks to Benoit

- App quit handling has changed to be more friendly.

- Universal newline support added (python2.3 only)

- Install and uninstall targets added to makefile.


- CVS 'all files appear modified' when LANG is set fixed.
- Fix race condition which could lead to empty CVS patches.
- Timestamp differences now ignored for directory diff.
- Fix 'both horizontal' toolbar style. (GNOME changed the spelling)
- CVS refresh now actually refreshes.
- Filename filters used to treat *.x as *.x*. Fixed.
- 'Filter New' button now works.
- Text now saved with the same codec as it was loaded with.
- CVS console scroll behaviour is better.


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