Rhythmbox 0.6.0: "The Universe Is Finite"


The Rhythmbox team is very proud to announce Rhythmbox 0.6.0.  The
release name signifies the fact that there is actually in theory still a
limit to the amount of music you can put in Rhythmbox's library, since
you are bounded by the universe's finite size.

Ok, so we haven't tested putting the universe in Rhythmbox.  Yet. 
However, those of you with a lot of songs should notice a speed boost
and a reduction in memory usage.

Speed isn't the only thing that's changed with this release though; we
have some sexy new features and a number of bugs squished.  Here's a

Overview of Changes in Rhythmbox 0.6.0

* Speed and incremental display of queries [Colin Walters]
* Major source code refactoring and cleanup [Colin Walters]
* Improved menu layout [Luca Ferretti, Colin Walters]
* Shiny new icons [Jakub Steiner]
* Use Name=Rhythmbox,GenericName=Music Player in .desktop [Colin Walters]
* Numerous HIG spacing and usability fixes [Christian Neumair]
* Playlists are now user-orderable [Colin Walters]
* Automatic playlists [Colin Walters]
* Allow selecting multiple genres/artists/albums [Colin Walters]
* Direct editing of playlist names [Colin Walters]
* Major Bonobo interface improvements [Christophe Fergeau, Rached Ben Mustapha]
* Keep a playback history [Jeffrey Yasskin]
* Major DND work [Yann Rouillard]
* Use GnomeHRef for links [Mark Humphreys]
* Tooltips, tooltips, tooltips everywhere! [Colin Walters]
* Display time remaining in tray icon tooltip [Colin Walters]
* Pass "make distcheck" [Colin Walters]
* Squash various circular dependencies in the build system [Colin Walters]
* Various other misc. bugfixes [Colin Walters, Yann Rouillard, Christophe Fergeau,
                                Sean Harshbarger, Jeffrey Yasskin]

Also, there are new and updated translations:

Duarte Loreto (pt)
Murgel Tudor (ro)
Christophe Fergeau (fr)
Miloslav Trmac (cs)
Christian Rose (sv)
Kjartan Maraas (no)
Danilo Ĺ egan (sr, sr Latn)
Christian Neumair (de)
Evandro Fernandes Giovanini (pt_BR)
Mohammad DAMT (id)
Vincent van Adrighem (nl)
Metin Amiroff (az)
Young-Ho Cha (kr)
Abel Cheung (zh_TW)
Telsa Gwynne (cy)

As always, the latest Rhythmbox is available here:



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