ANNOUNCE: gcompris 3.0


gcompris 3.0


GCompris is a full featured education game for kids between 3 and 8. 
The game includes many different activities like teaching how to use a
mouse and keybord, memory games, vector drawing, basic educational games,
reading, algebra exerciser and more.


Now gcompris allows you the develop activities in C or in Python. It makes
it easier for you to develop for gcompris.

Beside python, there are several news:
in geography, east and west europe have been added. No country sounds
a submarine simulation has been created by Pascal Georges
changed the edition mode for the shape board. Now you enter the 'e' key to
enter the edition mode. A help is displayed to give the keys but most
important is that now you can move the items and save the resulting xml
data file. It is not yet possible to create a new xml data file from within
gcompris, you still have to create the file by hand with your images.


The refresh bug: gcompris is suffuring a bug of the gnome-canvas that makes
gcompris not to be refreshed correctly. We have done our best to add some
workaround to this but the situation is not perfect yet. Sorry for that.


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