icon-slicer 0.3

The initial release of icon-slicer is now available for
download from:


What is icon slicer:

Icon slicer is a command line utility for generating icon themes 
and libXcursor cursor themes by cutting up "sheets" containing
many images according to an XML theme description file.

It supports basically the full capabilities of libXcursor
cursor themes and KDE/GNOME icons themes
including, among other capabilities:

 - Animated cursors using multiple layers
 - Hotspots for cursors using dots on separate layers
 - Attachment points for emblems and embedded-text rectangles
   for icons using separate layers.
 - Alias symlinks specified in the XML file
 - translated display names for icons (would need intltool
   support to be completely useful.)

Owen Taylor
26 June 2003

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