ANNOUNCE: Conglomerate 0.5.4


Conglomerate 0.5.4


Conglomerate is an XML editor for GNOME, aiming to be as user-friendly as
possible, to help non-technical people to use DocBook and similar

- Fixed bug #115460: the executable is now named "conglomerate", rather
than "conge" 
- Major rewrite of the node "Properties" dialog.  It's now modeless, a lot
tidier, and supports the renaming of attributes.   
- The display spec can now specify that Conglomerate should override the
standard node property dialog for a tag, and use one from a plugin instead.
 I've begun the implementation of one of these plugins:  a dialog that
handles the standard attributes that are present on nearly
every DocBook tag.
- We no longer depend on eel or libbonoboui, which should make it easier to
- We now depend on libglade, which should make it much easier to support
things like accessibility.
- Numerous minor fixes


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