ANNOUNCE: orbitcpp 1.3.6

*** orbitcpp

orbitcpp provides a C++ CORBA mapping for ORBit2. It is used by GNOME's
Bonobo C++ bindings, which are part of gnomemm 2.

orbitcpp requires ORBit > 2.5, such as that used by GNOME 2.2.

orbitcpp is based on the old ORBit/C++ project for ORBit 1.

For more information:

*** Changes

Bowie Owens has been incredibly active:

  * Sequence improvements: support for sequences of sequences and
    sequences of enums
  * _narrow() fix.
  * Member sequences stored by value rather than reference, to be CORBA
  * Removed some reinterpret_casts<>, avoid MI problems.
  * Initialize some member variables.
  * typecode correction, fixing #114031.
  * Fix/improvement for _this().
  * MI fix for stubs.
  * Various sequences fixes, fixing #113407.
  * Implemented POA exception classes.
  * Corrected, and unified memory management of Objects, ORB, and POA, fixing
  * Avoid dereferencing null pointer when throwing exception.
  * reference-count fix for POA.
  * Added some more std:: prefixes for gcc 3.2.
  * Added member typedefs, fixing #109834.
  * Implemented get_buffer() const on SequenceBase, fixing #11033.
  * Avoid dereferncing null pointer in _duplicate and CORBA::is_nil.
  * Implemented get_seq_typename(), fixing most of #108644 and #109212.
  (Bowie Owens) (Yes, all of it).
  * POA init fix, #109659.
  * Removed excess overloading of CORBA::is_nil().
  * Create _var_type typedef in structs
  * Fixed memory leak in CORBA::Object_var.
  * Fixed reference-counting problem in ORB.
  (Gergo Erdi)

*** Download:

You can download it from
or the mirrors when they update.

*** Development:

It's in gnome's cvs as the "orbitcpp" module. 
Patches should be added to the bugzilla orbit-cpp module, with full
ChangeLog entries.
Discussion should happen on orbitcpp-list gnome org

Murray Cumming
murray usa net

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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