Pango-1.2.3 released

Pango-1.2.3 is now available for download at:

As compared to Pango-1.2.1 (Pango-1.2.2 was a short-lived release
and never announced), this release contains various bug fixes, 
a large speedup to layout with the Xft and FT2 backends 
(as much as 5 times faster for short strings), and new shapers
to allow Indic and Thai to be used with the FT2 backend.

About Pango

Pango is a library for layout and rendering of text, with an emphasis
on internationalization. Pango can be used anywhere that text layout
is needed, though most usage so far as been in the context of the
GTK+ widget toolkit. Pango forms the core of text and font handling 
for GTK+ 2.

Pango is designed to be modular; the core Pango layout can be used
with four different font backends:

 - Core X windowing system fonts
 - Client-side fonts on X using the Xft2 library
 - Direct rendering of scalable fonts using the FreeType library
 - Native fonts on Microsoft platforms

Dynamically loaded modules then handle text layout for particular
combinations of script and font backend. Pango-1.2 ships with a wide
selection of modules, including modules for Hebrew, Arabic, Hangul, 
Thai, and a number of Indic scripts. Virtually all of the world's major 
scripts are supported.

As well as the low level layout rendering routines, Pango includes
PangoLayout, a high level driver for laying out entire blocks of text,
and routines to assist in editing internationalized text.

More information about Pango is available from

Pango depends on version 2.2.0 or newer of the GLib library; more 
information about GLib can be found at

Overview of Changes in Pango 1.2.2
* Fix operation with --disable-debug [Jeff Waugh]
* Improve handling of ink rectangle extents for empty runs
* Fix problem with keynav at line boundaries for RTL text [Matthias Clasen]
Overview of Changes in Pango 1.2.2
* Cache fontsets for the Xft and FT2 backends, a large speedup for short
  strings [Owen Taylor, Soeren Sandmann]
* Make built in rendering functions, especially the FT2 one,
   work more like the GDK implementation [Sven Neumann]
* Add an indic-ft2 module [Kapil Chowskey],
  Add a thai-ft2 module [Theppitak Karoonboonyanan]
* Optimize pango_x_render() by drawing multiple character with
  a single request when possible [Morten Welinder]
* Change the handling of attributes that cover only partial glyphs
  [Owen, Taneem Ahmed, Sunil Mohan Adapa]
* Fix problems with Arial Unicode and the Opentype code [Owen, Noah Levitt]
* Fix common crash for fonts missing a GDEF table
* Fix common portability problem with informative output at end
  of configure.
* Build cleanups and fixes [Tim Mooney, Chris Ross, Akira Tagoh,
  Will Partain, James Su]
* Miscellaneous bug fixes and cleanups [Simon Budig, Rick Jones,
  Noah, Padraig O'Briain, Benjamin Otte, Andrey Panov, Federic Zhang]
* Documentation fixes [Tim, Sven]

Owen Taylor
9 June 2003

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