ANNOUNCE: libgnomeui-2.2.1

Hi all.

There's a new stable release of libgnomeui out

libgnomeui 2.2.1 (24.05.2003)

New in this release:

	* Fix toolbars to be consistent (Rodney Dawes)
	* Fix gnome-segv to not loop when it crashes itself
	(Malcolm Tredinnick, Damon Chaplin)
	* Make fonts in icon labels respect font size changes
	(Pasupathi Duraisamy)
	* Skip hidden pages in the druid (Ricardo Fernández Pascual)
	* Fix referencing problem with MDI (Jaka Mocnic)
	* Fix leaks in session management and score handling
	(Kjartan Maraas, Arjan Van de Ven)
	* Bugfix for gnome-icon-theme (Gustavo Giraldez)
	* Don't crash when double clicking the OK button in
	the fileselector (Narayana Pattipati)
	* API documentation fixes (Sebastian Rittau)
	* Don't return FALSE in pointer functions (Morten Welinder)
	* Fix compiler warnings and uninitialised vars (Malcolm
	* Ask gdk-pixbuf for supported mime types in gnome-icon-lookup.c
	(Anders Carlsson, Christian Schaller)
	* Fix leak in the font picker (Kjartan Maraas)
	* Fix top-left text for icons in nautilus (Alex Larsson)
	* Fix the file entry to use utf8 when setting the selected
	file name (Hidetoshi Tajima)
	* Fix a crash in the icon entry (Balamurali Viswanathan)
	* Don't open an infinite amount of preview widgets in the
	icon entry.
	* Enable color palette in the color picker (Gustavo Carneiro)
	* Clear entry items properly in gnome-entry.c (Marco Pesenti 	Gritti)
	* Fix problems with python-based apps and non-initialized
	memory. (Marcus at freebsd org)


	am (Daniel Yacob), az (Metin Amiroff), be (Dmitry Mastrukov), 
	ca (Jordi Mallach), cs (Miloslav Trmac), da (Ole Laursen),
	de (Christian Meyer), eo (Joel Brich), fa (Roozbeh Pournander),
	fr (Christophe Merlet), ga (Paul Duffy), hi (Guntapalli 	Karunkar), id
(Mohammad DAMT), is (Samuel Gunnarsson), ja 	(Takeshi AIHANA),ml
(FSF-India), mn (Sanlig Badral), pt (Duarte 	Loreto), ro (Marius
Andreiana), sr (Danilo Yegan), tr (Fatih 	Demir), yi (Raphael Finkel),
zh_CN (He Qiangqiang), zh_TW (Abel 	Cheung)

As usual...



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