gnome-games 2.3.3

A new gnome-games is available at the usual place:

Full details below:

me-games "Shiny Things Revenge" 2.3.3

13% Fewer bugs, 15% less fat and 7% more games.

We now have a blackjack game courtesy of Jon McCann.

The package has also lost 1.5 Mb due to the judicious use of jpeg

For the paranoid system administrator there are now the
--disable-setgid, --with-scores-group and --with-scores-user options
for configure to help you manage those pesky setgid binaries.

The major changes, game by game:

 * Should stop crashing if you have libguile >1.5.
 * More i18n work. Still not perfect, but should be a lot better.

 * The corruption when using the undo button has been fixed.
 * Don't crash after 128 turns.
 * Gataxx is now bug-free (TM).

 * Some extra card images. Look for the "Dondorf" images.

 * There are now some sokoban levels to play. Thanks go to Alberto
   Manuel Brandao Simoes for convering the levels from Herman
   Mansilla's Yakoban game. Select the Gnomekoban levels from the
   preferences dialog and don't forget about the "restart level"
   option when you back youself into a corner.
 * There has been no real chance for play-testing these levels yet
   against the current sokoban implementation, if you have any
   suggestions to make feel free to file a report in bugzilla (even if
   it isn't technically a bug).

 * "Paused" and "Game over" messages.
 * Key behaviour fixes when a new piece appears.
 * Scoring consistency: dropping the blocks now scores as much as
   using fast-fall with the down arrow. 
 * Big PNG backgrounds converted to jpeg. The transition should happen
   automatically and not be noticeable.

 * The multiple score dialogs problem might have been fixed this time.

Lots of fixes for behaviour and i18n all over the place, thanks should
especially go to Steve Chaplin and Christian Rose for their patience
in making sure I did things properly.

 - Callum

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