Sodipodi 0.30 has been released


The first bugfix release of Gtk+ 2 sodipodi is out.

Release notes

This is bugfix release, cleaning some most rough corners of 0.29. There
was quite nasty bug disturbing rotated paths in node edit mode, making
sodipodi mostly unusable for real work. This, and some other minor ones,
are fixed now.

Highlights (in the order of Changelog):

    * Do not crash on entity declarations (Lauris)
    * Implemented almost full viewport support in <svg> (Lauris)
    * Support for <symbol>, <clipPath> and <mask> (lauris)
    * Make slideshow working again (Lauris)
    * Fix path corruption bug (Lauris)
    * Fix invalid rectangle corner radius interpetation (Lauris)



Lauris Kaplinski
Tartu, Estonia

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