GNOME Control Center released

This should be the final release prior to GNOME 2.2.0, and is primarily
a translation release.  After this, the control-center will branch.  It
is available at
  md5sum: cca69521b3c851d946e5de4c65835baa
    size: 2.3M
  md5sum: b17bc2ecf9a38614310c54c5f88ffc55
    size: 1.5M

There were a few small bug fixes in this release:

 * gnome-keybindings-properties.c:  Shivram Upadhyayula fixed the size
   of the dialog (#103962)

 * default-applications:  Satyajit Kanungo fixed a typo in the appname,

 * gnome-theme-info: Kjartan Maraas fixed a glaring bug that caused the
   theme descriptions etc not to be localised.  Patch from Dmitry
   G. Mastrukov (#104296)

 * gnome-mouse-settings: Bill Haneman changed the AnyModifier passive
   grab of the Control keys to grabs on no modifier and on
   LockModifier (#104058)

And, as always, a lot of good translation work:

am: Daniel Yacob
ca: Jordi Mallach
cs: Miloslav Trmac
da: Ole Laursen
de: Christian Neumair, Benjamin Greiner
el: Kostas Papadimas
es: Pablo Gonzalo del Campo
et: Toivo Leedjarv
fi: Pauli Virtanen
fr: Christophe Fergeau
hu: Andras Timar
ja: Takeshi AIHANA
ko: Kang Jeong-Hee
lv: Artis Trops
mn: Sanlig Badral
nl: Vincent van Adrighem
no: Kjartan Maraas
pl: Zbigniew Chyla
pt: Duarte Loreto
pt_BR: Gustavo Noronha Silva
ro: Marius Andreiana, Mugurel Tudor
ru: Dmitry G. Mastrukov
sk: Stanislav Visnovsky
sv: Christian Rose
tr: Fatih Demir
uk: Yuriy Syrota
zh_TW: Abel Cheung


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