ANNOUNCE: Additional GNOME Themes 2.2 "Theme me up, Scotty"


GNOME Themes 2.2 - "Theme me up, Scotty"


A set of desktop themes and icons for GNOME, including the new default
"Simple" theme, and many designed for users with low or limited vision.


- Themetastic new additions: Simple, Plain, Crux, Grand Canyon, Mist, Ocean
Dream, Smokey Blue and Tradtitional themes. (tigert, stric,  Jan Rosczak,
ueluei, Isriya Paireepairit, probably some people I've missed :(, and much
donkey work from Seth!)
- New Portuguese translation (Duarte Loreto), many updated translations.


- Only three core accessibility themes are now shown in gnome-theme-manager
by default. All the themes' icon and gtk themes are still installed and
available.  (A configure switch allows for all the themes to be fully
installed/listed in gnome-theme-manager).
- All issues that presented console warnings when switching themes now
fixed. (Seth)


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