ANNOUNCE: VLC 0.5.0 "sleep is for weenies"


VLC 0.5.0 "sleep is for weenies"


VLC (VideoLAN Client) is a multimedia player for GNOME or
Gtk+. It can play movie files (MPEG 1/2/4, Ogg/Vorbis, DivX,
DV, WMA...) all existing DVDs with navigation support, as
well as network streams.

Enhancements in core structure
  * object structure which allows for full re-entrancy, known as libvlc
  * new audio output architecture based on filter pipelines, providing
    S/PDIF and multi-channel support
  * localization support via gettext on most architectures
  * new stream output architecture, allowing to use VLC to unicast,
    multicast or broadcast a stream to another VLC (only MPEG 1, 2 and 4
    and A/52 streams are supported)
  * build system now uses autoconf/automake/autopoint
Input access
  * mms:// support
  * ftp:// support
  * stability fixes in the HTTP access
  * auto-detection of RTP encapsulation
  * VCD entry points support
  * VCD image file support
Input demux
  * support for *.asf format
  * improved support for *.avi, especially over an HTTP connection
  * support for *.mp4 and *.mov format
  * support for ogg encapsulation
  * support for raw DV format
  * support for *.wav format
  * new demuxdump demux allowing to save a stream to a file
  * raw AAC support
Stream discovery & playlists
  * support for the SAP/SDP and SLP protocols
  * support for .m3u file format
  * support for .asx file format
  * hack to find the streaming sources in html-pages with embedded wmp
  * support for the microdvd, subrip, ssa1, ssa2-4 subtitles file formats
    (only available with the .avi demux)
  * support for ADPCM audio codec
  * support for raw PCM data
  * support for Cinepak video codec
  * support for DV video codec via libdv or ffmpeg
  * support for AAC audio codec via libfaad2
  * support for Xvid codec
  * support for's Vorbis audio codec
  * support for's Tremor audio codec (when compiling from
  * support for's Tarkin and Theora video codecs (when compiling
    from sources)
  * new codecs supported by latest ffmpeg versions: WMV, WMA, SVQ 1,
    H263i, MJPEG A/B
  * fixed an endianness bug in LPCM codec

DVD support
  * experimental preliminary support for DVD menus via libdvdplay
  * all interfaces allow to dynamically change the volume, the audio
    device and the channels configuration
  * headphone channel mixer with virtual spatialization effect
  * Mozilla plugin based on libvlc for embedded playback in webpages of
    format that VLC can play
  * new swedish translation
  * updated french, german, dutch and italian translations
  * OSS and ALSA audio output modules support A/52 over S/PDIF output
  * OSS support for multi-channel (up to 6) analog sound cards

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