ANNOUNCE: Dr. Genius 0.8.3


Dr. Genius 0.8.3


The Gnome Interactive Geometry Sofware.


- The English documentation has been review by David Bucknell. This version
of the DrGenius manual should be in good English :) However, I have decided
to not maintain it anymore. Therefore, we are looking for a new volunteer
with good English writing to take over it;

- The French documentation is now the source documentation, where new stuff
are written first. The documentation improvements are in the "DGS par
l'exemple", "Methode de reference pour DGS", "Masquer des outils dans
l'interface", "Ouvrir un fichier";

- The API has been widely extended and documented (in the French manual for

- Locus rendering improvement. The locus is cuted when two consecutive
points are too far away from each other;

- Bug fixes: creating a circle equation does not make Dr.Genius to crash
any more;

- Free value and script edition are now undoable;

- We record into a static variable sessionPathName a full filename to the
last saved session. (request from JPG)

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