GGV 2.5.1

"With a Smile on My Face"

  - defullscreenification when user requests help in order to 
    actually show the help window
  - range selection (via shift-click) in the page list
  - use of new gtk_window_fullscreen() API instead of my home-brewn
    code (courtesy of janecek at
  - fixed a crasher caused by a missing sanity check when checking
    if the file is compressed
  - fixed recent-files to use GtkIconTheme instead of its deprecated
    Gnome counterpart
  - replaced other newly deprecated functions with the 
    non-deprecated counterparts
  - documentation was kindly updated by Ms. Brenda McColgan
  - the *_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flags are not added by default. 
    instead, a configure parameter --enable-deprecations is used
    to request them
  - updated translations: Azerbaijani (Metin), Japanese (Takeshi),
    Norwegian (Kjartan), Greek (Kostas), Czech (Miloslav), Nynorsk
    (Aasmund), Spanish (Lucas), Mongolian (Sanlig), Lithuanian
    (Tomas), Arabic (Arafat), Albanian (Laurent)

available, as usually, at:



email: jaka gnu org

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