ANNOUNCE: gnome-games 2.5.3

gnome-games "The Catastrophe" 2.5.3 has just been released. You can find
it at the usual place:

The release notes follow.

 - Callum

gnome-games "The Catastrophe" 2.5.3

Finally, we know the answer to the question: can you make a
gnome-games release with a kitten balanced on each shoulder ? The
answer is yes.

Mostly miscellaneous stuff. People who use the shuffle option in
mahjongg will be happy.

aisleriot: Double clicking in the games selection menu now works.
blackjack: Text drawing re-write.
glines: Avoid warnings from premature drawing. Improve the use 
	of GamesFileList.
gnibbles: Reworked the exit code to avoid occasional crashes on
	  exit. Fixes for the desktop file.
gnometris: Avoid crashing by only getting the score when a game is 
	   in progress. Avoid warnings by not trying to impose a C 
	   standard on C++ code.
mahjongg: Shuffling is now guaranteed to produce a solvable pile
          (assuming a solution is possible). Undo and redo now are
	  now disabled after a shuffle.
same-gnome: Use GamesFileList for finding the theme files. You can now
 	    write themes in any format supported by gdk-pixbuf.

gdk-card-image: Improve the use of GamesFileList.
libgames-support: Improvements to GamesFileList.

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