Pigeon CD Burner 0.1


I am announcing the first public release of the Pigeon CD Burner.  

This program is a CD burner, aiming at integration with the gnome2 
desktop.  It can be found at https://sourceforge.net/projects/gnome-cd-burner/.  
Please check the ToDo file before submitting bug reports.

Here is a screenshot: http://gnome-cd-burner.sourceforge.net/Screenshot.png

Currently, only wav burning is supported.  Also, Pigeon does not currently 
check the length of the wav files to make sure that they will fit on the CD.  
That will come with the addition of Gstreamer, probably by next release.  In 
addition, the interface freezes up for LONG periods of time when building 
the iso and when recording the CD.  While nothing is wrong (running the 
program from the terminal shows exactly what is going on), this will need to 
be fixed in future versions.  Finally, adding directories can take a great deal 
of time, as pigeon recursively goes through and calculates the total size of 
all the sub-directories.

Feel free to email me with any questions that may come up at 
snyderp lawrence edu 

Patches are greatly appreciated.

	Peter Snyder

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