ANNOUNCE: GnomeSword 2.0.0


GnomeSword 2.0.0


GnomeSword is a Bible study tool for the GNOME desktop that uses libraries
and modules provided by the SWORD project. It lets you read and search
through multiple Bible texts. Features include the ability to add formatted
notes to verses, bookmark passages, and reference commentary and lexicon


This is the first stable release of the GNOME2 version, supporting SWORD
1.5.6 and 1.5.7. It represents a major rewrite and features a full port to
GTK2, with a new GUI which aims towards HIG compliance. It uses more GNOME
functionality (including gnome-print and gnome-spell), and has support for
new SWORD features such as preverse headings. A manual is now included, in
both the English and French languages. 

There have been huge usability improvements and numerous other enhancements
since the previous GNOME 1.x version. We encourage you to take a look.


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