ANNOUNCE: Coriander 0.99.9


Coriander 0.99.9


Coriander is a full-featured GUI for IIDC compliant, IEEE1394 Digital


- updated the way values are rounded for format7 controls
- added bandwidth estimation graph
- the information about the format7 frame is now updated
- echo bus reset notification in status window
- update the way interactive boxes are defined (F7 cropping)
- little change in layout: camera info is now on first tab.


- fixed SDL close bug
- fixed camera hotlug segfault
- fixed FPS display bug
- fixed issues with non-format7 cameras
- properly restart ISO after camera removal
- fixed problem when switching images sizes with 'm' key
- fixed some other issues, including some serious ones.
- fixed temp buffer pointer problem in thread_iso.c
- fixed configure macros
- fixed compilation problems with recent kernels (by Peter De Schrijver)
- fixed C/C++ compilation errors


GNOME Software Map entry

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