ANNOUNCE: gnocl 0.5.14

Gnocl 0.5.14 is available at

This release features the ability to develop Gnome panel applets with
Gnocl and Tcl (many thanks to Akos Polster). The tree and list widgets
have a new column type "markup" which allows to format the cell
content with a simple xml syntax and references to rows which are
independent of the sort order, insertion or deletion of rows have
been introduced. Many widget have new options -sizeGroup, -widthGroup
and -heightGroup that allow to set the same size, width or height for
widgets which do not share the same container widget. Additionally
different new options to different widgets have been introduced and
all known bugs have been fixed.
For a detailed list of changes see the NEWS file.

Gnocl is a GTK+ / Gnome extension for the programming language Tcl,
loosely modeled after the Tk package.  It provides easy to use
commands to build quickly GTK+ / Gnome compliant applications
including canvas widget, GConf and the Gnome applet. It consists of
several libraries: one for GTK+ widgets, one for the Gnome canvas
widget, one for the GConf database and one for other Gnome related

This version has been tested with GTK+ 2.2.1, Gnome 2.2.0 and 
Tcl 8.4.2 under Linux. A FreeBSD port is also available.

License:  BSD type (same as Tcl)
Contact:  Peter G. Baum (peter dr-baum net)

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