ANNOUNCE: gnome-mud 0.10.4


gnome-mud 0.10.4


GNOME-Mud is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) client, which aims
to make mudding a bit easier.
It can define aliases, triggers, variables. keybind
shortcuts and has a connection wizard to easily manage
different player characters and MUDs. GNOME-Mud is the

- Fix a connect error on FreeBSD [Sjoerd Simons]
- Fix yet another Connection Wizard segfault [Dani Carbonell]
- Fix a segfault when saving the terminal buffer [Dani Carbonell]
- Expand alias just if it's the first word in the input and don't
  do alias nesting [Robin]
- Check for badly installed schemas [Jordi]
- Flush logs more often (Bug #116525) [Robin]
- Fix so plugins can use outgoing data [Quim Rovira]
- New translations:
  + hr [Boris Tudan]
- Updated translations:
  + ca [Jordi Mallach]
  + cs [Miloslav Trmac]
  + nl [Vincent van Adrighem]
  + sr [Danilo Žegan]
  + sv [Christian Rose]


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