ANNOUNCE: Silky 0.4.1


Silky 0.4.1


Silky is an easy-to-use graphical SILC (Secure Internet Live Conferencing)
client. It contains all the necessary features of a SILC client while
keeping the user interface as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Silky is written in C and is using GTK2

Release notes

Silky - an easy to use graphical client for SILC has reached version

This release fixes some crashing bugs and introduces new features
which include new commands like /msg, /query and /config as well
as the wanted command history.

Technical improvements include new silc.m4 file which allows Silky
to be built in environments where the SILC Client Library's headers
and libs has been splitted to separate paths. 

The binary RPM build is now using shared SILC Client Libraries which
are provided in separate libsilc package. The libsilc-devel is provided
for those wanting to compile the source RPM package of Silky.

Silky has been registered into the Translation Project. If you wish to
use Silky in Your language, please contribute!

The Silky Project team wishes You merry X-mas and joyful moments
with Silky!

Help wanted!

We are looking for translators! Silky has been registered with the
Translation Project.


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