ANNOUNCE: libglademm 2.3.0, gconfmm 2.5.0, libgnomecanvasmm 2.5.0

*** libglademm, gconfmm, libgnomecanvasmm

This is the first release of some of the gnomemm bindings for use with 
Gtkmm 2.3/2.4. Like gtkmm 2.4, they install in parallel with the 
Previous versions.

They wrap libglade 2.3.x, which will become libglade 2.4, 
Gconf 2.5.x, which will become 2.6, and libgnomecanvas 2.5.x, which
will become 2.6. These bindings are on the official GNOME Platform
Bindings release schedule, in-sync with the underlying GNOME 

You can find more information at

*** Changes:
There are no major changes apart from the dependency on gtkmm 2.4 
instead of gtkmm 2.2. Actually gconfmm now depends on glibmm, without
needing gtkmm.

*** Download

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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