ANNOUNCE: gnome-games-2.5.2

gnome-games 2.5.2, "Nervous Energy" is now out there in the usual place:

The release notes follow.

 - Callum

gnome-games "Nervous Energy" 2.5.2
This release is evenly split between UI changes and back-end code
Code for locating files in gdk-card-image and glines has been merged
into the libgames-support library. More games will take advantage of
this as the (internal) API firms up.
The card selection widget in gdk-card-image has been changed. This
affects aisleriot and blackjack. You no longer select the details of
the card image from seven menus, instead there is one list with a set of
predefined styles. These styles are loaded from an external file but
home directories are not searched yet so custom styles require root
access. If the current style is not on the list it is not touched, so
existing preferences and direct editing of the style using gconf-editor
will work.
In addition to the gdk-card-image changes aisleriot has also had its
preferences menu renamed to "view". This reflects the fact that the
entries under it only affect the look of the program.

Blackjack has received some cleanup work to the UI and some bug fixes.
                                                                                Mahjongg is in the middle of a rewrite of the shuffling code. The bug where all the tiles were drawn after a shuffle has been fixed. Also the "no more moves" dialog now has a "shuffle" option. Unfortunately this is all still a bit ugly since it is work in progress.
                                                                            Gnometris has better high score handling. There is no longer a
duplicate score recorded when you start a new game without finishing
the old one. Also the score is recorded if you quit the program
without finishing the game: great for when the boss walks in

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