Anjuta 1.2.0 stable released!


Finally, after a long wait, bug squashing sessions and series of release
candidates, stable Anjuta version 1.2.0 is released! Like all .0
releases, it is at about 99% stability (with some minority bugs
accounting to the missing 1% :)).


Anjuta is a versatile IDE for C and C++, written for GTK/GNOME. Features
include project management, application wizards, an onboard interactive
debugger, and a powerful source editor with browsing and syntax

Home page:

There are source .tar.gz, Red Hat Linux 9.0 binary, source and
documentation packages available at the download page. Other
distribution specific binary packages are likely to be released by
other vendors. Binaries should install fine in RedHat 9 or similar
systems without further dependencies.

Release notes for 1.2.0:

Updated: Prompts users for unsaved files during project closing.
Updated: Added checkbox in wizard to enable/disable glade source
Updated: Scintilla to version 1.57
Bug fix: Crash on preferences with other locales.
Bug fix: Freeze ups during build/debugging with other locales.
Bug fix: Crash with read-only project files (during saves).
Bug fix: Breakpoints bug.
Bug fix: Syntax highlighting bug.
Bug fix: Avoids error conditions for glade/glademm not found
Bug fix: Crash on anjuta exit
Bug fix: Crash on project close with unsaved files.
Bug fix: Compilation errors with old gcc.
Bug fix: Fixed debugger malfunctioning with non-english locales.
Bug fix: Crash bug during import.
Bug fix: Dnd file drop.
Bug fix: Setting breakpoints for c++ files works.
Bug fix: Crash bug to multiple open of same file fixed.
Bug fix: Enables debug and optimization flags for new projects.
Bug fix: Fixed pascal highlighting
Bug fix: Fixed build failure with no 'intl' directory.
Bug fix: Added filters to find in files.
Bug fix: Fixed tutorial
Bug fix: Added horizontal scrollbar to description text in wizard.
Bug fix: Installs properly even when system.tags file could not
         be generated.
Bug fix: Compiler error with old gcc.

Happy coding!


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