ANNOUNCE: Liferea 0.4.5


Liferea 0.4.5


Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) is an RSS/RDF news aggregator which also
supports CDF channels, Atom/Echo/PIE feeds, and OCS or OPML directories.
It's intended to be a clone of the Windows-only FeedReader.


- favicon.ico support, feeds whose webserver provides
  a favicon.ico have the standard icon replaced by the
- Added the new SnowNews 1.4.1 HTTP client code, which
  now supports gzip/deflate compression, so Liferea helps
  saving some bandwidth.
- Disabled the behaviour of hiding the program window
  when clicking the tray icon or minimizing, because
  this caused the window to hide each time the desktop
  was switched (reported by Dale K. Dicks, Christophe
  Barbe, Mike Rhodes and others).
- Added a background shading of read items in the
  condensed item view as proposed by Mike Rhodes.
- Added to options to zoom in and out of the HTML view.
- Added a french (from Stephane Jourdan), a japanase 
  (from Takeshi Aihana) and a korean (from Park Ji-In)
  translation. I've also added a german translation
  by myself. Note that while Liferea is still changing 
  not all text literals may be covered!
- Added a dialog to create search feeds using
  the Feedster ( search engine.
- Added a possibility to subscribe to a HTML link
  and to copy this link URL to the X selection.
- Folders now remember their collapse state.


- Fixed a bug with permanent URL redirection reported
  by Christophe Barbe.
- Fixed a bug in the blogChannel module support, that
  the XML links were the same as the HTML links.


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