ANNOUNCE: PrefixSuffix 0.4.0

*** PrefixSuffix

PrefixSuffix is a small, simple GUI app that lets you rename files by
the start or end of their filenames.

It demonstrates use of the GNOME C++ bindings, particularly gtkmm,
libglademm, gconfmm, and gnome-vfsmm.

*** Changes

* Now uses gnome-vfsmm, so any URI should work,
  not just directories on the local file system.
* There is now a progress bar.
* It now shows dialogs if incorrect data has 
  been entered, and if there are runtime failures.

*** Download

*** Installation:

You will need bakery, available from
and libglademm and gnome-vfsmm, available from
and packaged by superior Linux distributions everywhere.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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