(Narrowly missing out on the "two releases in 24 hours" club.)

Scrollkeeper 0.3.14 (codename: "Whoops") has now been released.

There was a slight problem with the 0.3.13 release that was made
yesterday. To wit, there was only a small chance that it would
actually compile for most people due to a problem with the
shipped intltool scripts. This release fixes that problem.

Scrollkeeper is a document meta-data storage system. It enables
applications to access a list of all installed documentation and
retrieve individual documents in a uniform fashion. It is
currently used extensively by the GNOME help system for
retrieving help documentation for each application.

Download the tarball from the main SourceForge page at

or from the GNOME FTP sites, including

Bug reports:
Bug reports or problems with the release should be filed at the
SourceForge bug tracker

The intltool scripts shipped in the tarball have been fixed.

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