Scrollkeeper 0.3.13 released

Scrolkeeper 0.3.13 has now been released.

Scrollkeeper is a document meta-data storage system. It enables
applications to access a list of all installed documentation and
retrieve individual documents in a uniform fashion. It is
currently used extensively by the GNOME help system for
retrieving help documentation for each application.

Download the tarball from the main SourceForge page at

or from the GNOME FTP sites, including

Bug reports:
Bug reports or problems with the release should be filed at the
SourceForge bug tracker

This is primarily an overdue bug-fixing release designed to get
the number of outstanding bug reports down to a reasonable
number. A brief summary of the major changes follows:

Released on: 5 December 2003.

- Runtime fixes:
    - Use a per-user directory for storing the extracted contents
      files. This avoids problems when multiple users share /tmp
      and use scrollkeeper.
    - Do XInclude processing on documents before extracting
    - By default, do not use the network to retrieve required DTDs.
        - Can be changed using the '-n' parameter to
          scrollkeeper-install and friends.
    - Do not segfault if an OMF file is invalid.

- Build fixes:
    - Install various package documentation files.
    - Tidy up the build process a little bit and fix some
      portability bugs.
    - Update included gettext code.
    - Build fixes for specific platforms (Solaris and *BSD systems).
    - Detect installed version of the DocBook DTD at build time.
    - Allow the location of system XML catalog to be specified.
        - see the --with-xml-catalog flag.
    - Install locale-specific program files correctly (i.e.
    - Allow scrollkeeper data directory to be customised
        - see the --with-partial-db-dir flag.
    - Upgrade supplied gettext and automake versions.

- Miscellaneous:
    - Correctly register translated versions of documents by
      considering their category, rather than their titles.
    - Don't leak file descriptors when updating the database. This
      fixes resource starvation problems on some systems.
    - Fix some memory leaks.
    - Should now work with IPv6-enabled systems.
    - When using a non-default prefix, the scrollkeeper log files
      are updated correctly.
    - Many Sourceforge bug tracker bugs fixed and all outstanding
      patches in the patch tracker evaluated and applied if

- New maintainers
    - Malcolm Tredinnick
    - Miloslav Trmac (i18n maintainer)

- Translation updates:
    - All translations coordinated via the Translation Project now.

    - Updated translations
        - am (Amharic) - Ge'ez Frontier Foundation
        - ca (Catalan) - Jordi Mallach
        - cs (Czech) - Miloslav Trmac
        - da (Danish) - Ole Laursen
        - hu (Hungarian) - Emese Kovacs
        - ja (Japanese) - Yukihiro Nakai, Shun-ichi Tahara
        - kn (Kannada) - Pramod
        - nl (Dutch) - Tino Meinen
        - no (Norwegian) - Kjartan Maraas
        - ro (Romanian) - Marius Andreiana
        - ru (Russian) - Dmitry Mastrukov
        - sk (Slovak) - Stanislav Visnovsky
        - sr (Serbian) - Danilo Segan
        - sv (Swedish) - Christian Rose
        - tr (Turkish) - Gorkem Cetin
        - vi (Vietnamese) - pclouds
        - zh_TW (Traditional Chinese) - Abel Cheung

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