ANNOUNCE: OpenHacha 0.1


OpenHacha 0.1


OpenHacha is a "free as in freedom" implementation for GNU/Linux of the
propietary-and-only-for-MS-Windows program Hacha. OpenHacha is based on the
libhacha.cs library, a C# implementation of the Hacha program features,
developed by the Sierra project.

OpenHacha 0.1 (2003-11-29)
- Code cleanups for more reasonable widgets names..
- New "About" dialog.
- Check the chunks are there before trying to join them.

OpenHacha 0.0.99 (2003-11-24)
- First public release.
- Basic Gtk# interface.
- Split files with Hacha format supported.
- Join the chunks generated by Hacha program supported.
- WARNING: The new Hacha CRC format is not supported.


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