intltool 0.27 is available

A new release of the intltool package is available; this time codenamed
"We don't close in vacations". The intltool package is a set of tools
for translating the contents of data files using the gettext translation

As always we suggest everyone to upgrade - especially those who are
working with UTF-8 strings inside source code (for example, GNUMERIC)

Some of the changes in intltool since version 0.27:

- Small scheme support fixes (Callum McKenzie)
- Added support for .lang files (Gustavo Giraldez)
- Added support for .xam files (Abel Cheung)
- Updated I18N-HOWTO (Kenneth, Bruno Haible)
- Updated all manual pages and command help (Abel Cheung)
- Improved the package name detection code (Abel Cheung)
- better .server files handling (Abel Cheung)
- source code with non-ASCII chars support with
  GNU gettext 0.12 (bug #99005, Abel Cheung, Carlos Perelló Marín)
- intltool-unicodify is deprecated, please use msgconv (Abel Cheung)

You can find the source code for intltool 0.27 on GNOME FTP site:


If you have problems with intltool, please report bugs at And if you are good at auto*, perl then please take
a look at the hard-to-fix bugs.

Carlos Perelló Marín
Debian GNU/Linux Sid (PowerPC)
Linux Registered User #121232
mailto:carlos pemas net || mailto:carlos gnome org
Valencia - Spain

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