Devil's Pie 0.2

Devil's Pie

A utility along the lines of the "Window Matching" options in Sawfish,
designed for use with Metacity but is window-manager agnostic.

It basically allows you to detect certain windows when they are created,
and manipulate them.  I have used it to put X-Chat windows on all
workspaces, and to hide Gkrellm1 from the GNOME2 page and task list
(until gkrellm2 came out, of course).

This is version 0.2, 0.1 was released but generally sucked. I believe
this to be sort-of usable, but it is not finished, and does require
hand-holding at times.  Consider it proof-of-concept.

Download from 
Debian packages are in the works (I just need to sort out
update-catalogs) and I'll probably knock up a .spec file for RH72 as

Ross Burton                                 mail: ross burtonini com
                                           jabber: ross nerdfest org
 PGP Fingerprint: 1A21 F5B0 D8D0 CFE3 81D4 E25A 2D09 E447 D0B4 33DF

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