GHex 1.99.1

the "Free Hat" release

this is the first official release of the Gnome 2 port of your favourite
binary editor.

initial porting efforts and much of the following work was done by
Shivram Upadhyayula @ wipro (I hope I got the spelling right...)

I finally scrapped the MDI code. Praise me!

help in the manifestation of code and other contributions was kindly
offered by (in order of appearance): Jacob, Santhana, Laszlo, Abel,
Hasbullah, Satyajit, Sander, Muktha (who did the accessibility part),
Pasupathi, Aruna, Ross, Irene and probably some other folk that eluded
the ChangeLog

many other people have been contributing translations (though much more
work is needed on this front...)

are there any new features?

well, there is the cut/copy/paste functionality and there is one feature
less: MDI has been scrapped in favour of window-per-view look

ghex is available at the usual place:



email: jaka gnu org

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